The below is a production update from 2017.03.28.

I’m still fiddling with the site design, trying to peg down something that will best suit the content and images. The small image galleries are so far the most trying components, as I’ve only received one set of images prior to today’s class, and would prefer to wait to see how many images I’ll work with for each heroine, rather than making something that looks good, say, with 10 images for each. As I type this, I see more images have been deposited in the drive, and I’ll spend this week’s work period incorporating those into the site.

While waiting, I’ve set about deciding on a color pallette-something subdued, but with a bit of pop. I think I may end up departing from the above a little bit, perhaps lightening the two colors on the right to use as part of a background pattern or flat field of color will work well.

In addition to working on design aspects of the site, I’ve been continuing to learn Muse. At this point, my experience with Muse is one of universal frustration with small glimmers of success. This  is a common place in my learning curve, and I know it will pass. Right now, though, I am still learning where everything is, and that many things which I would like, such as a simple horizontal rule, aren’t anywhere! Or so it seems to my uninitiated sight.

Another source of frustration is the Putty SSH terminal not working. I don’t know if this is because I’m using a Mac, or because it’s a broken system. Either way, the result is the same for me: the download installation package won’t install, and the Putty FTP linked on their site prompts me to enter a username and password. The credentials listed on don’t work.

Much of today was spent searching for free, functional SSH terminal software. My best bet, it seems, is to apply for a student license to use Fetch. The application page was unclear, asking first for my name, then the University’s name, then an address. I entered my own, as Google can easily divulge UTD’s details to whoever might be evaluating my application. I don’t have much to show for the website, and so I don’t feel this is a terribly hot problem and can wait a week or two. When it comes time to test the site, if Fetch hasn’t granted me a free license, I’ll park the site as a polyp on my personal site.

In my attempt at connecting to the SSH (Secure Socket Shell) I tried using the Mac app Terminal. It opened a bare-bones interface. Because I’m unsure of what details might be sensitive, I blurred a screenshot of the page for record-keeping. For someone who doesn’t code, it was a bit intimidating.


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