Spring Break Ends

I had my Digital Humanities class last night, during which my group met with my professor, went to the campus library, and discussed many of the finer details of the project. We were tasked with developing a scholarly paper concerning our thesis. While the website will remain the public-facing portion of our project. Given my group mates are all Lit majors, and I am a Visual Art major, we decided a fair divvying of work would be me focusing on the website and offering guidance and critical analysis where our collected images of Victorian heroines are concerned, while my group mates will focus on delving into the more literary aspects of the project and research. Our work last night ran a little over three hours, with me arriving home around 11 at night.

I would like to follow along through this process with Emma as time and energy allow.

I ended up checking out The VictoriansThe Proper Lady and the Woman Writer, and Women in England: 1760–1914, ASocial History. Upon returning home, I pulled out my copy of Berger’s Ways of Seeing. I’m eager to flex my web design and visual critical analysis muscles.

Today my work in the project was fiddling with Adobe Muse and related tutorial videos for 30 minutes.


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