Sociopath or Psychopath

I forget the difference between the two, but at this point in time, I believe Emma is a sociopath or psychopath. I am about 150 pages into Emma; my opinion may change as the story advances, but I doubt it.

In her dealings with Harriet thus far, Emma’s interest lies only in providing herself with entertainment and furthering public perception of herself through her influence on Harriet’s social advancement.

When Mr. Elton proposes to her, she is more upset about having been wrong than the emotional implications of her actions on Mr. Elton.

She feels guilt for causing Harriet’s emotional distress, but her guilt stem from being wrong, not from causing any disillusionment (and subsequent suffering) about her social standing on Harriet’s part, and still does not regret influencing Harriet against accepting Mr. Martin’s proposal.

Emma is bright, intelligent, socially slick, indifferent to endeavors that do not immediately benefit her, and conniving. Emma does not feel love. I do believe dear Emma is a sociopath. (Or psychopath, depending. My memory is fuzzy on which is which.)


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